About Us
  • DCNP is a membership-based network of nonprofit organizations and resource providers within the nonprofit sector serving DeKalb County.
  • DCNP is directed by a local steering committee representing the areas of art and culture, education, health and human series, advocacy, community development and civic engagement.

  • Increase the coordination, efficiency, and effectiveness of resource providers and nonprofit organizations serving DeKalb County .
  • Provide education, training, and tools to strengthen local nonprofit agencies.

DCNP’s mission is to increase effective and efficient services in DeKalb County through the cooperation of nonprofit organizations and resource providers working together to provide access to resources and professional development opportunities to create positive organizational impact. DCNP is dedicated to supporting our community’s nonprofit organizations and recognizing their benefit to and significant impact on the community. We strive to expand the capacity of our nonprofit community by providing cost-saving benefits, up-to-date resources and by raising awareness about the important role of nonprofit organizations.

DCNP evolved from engaged partners in DeKalb County.  These committed service providers wanted to maximize sharing opportunities and resources for better efficiency and effectiveness.  Working through the DeKalb County Community Foundation, the original “Training Consortium” communicated through e-mail distribution.
The DeKalb County Nonprofit Parntership continues to evolve and take on new initiatives and projects. Many members of the original committee now serve on the DCNP Steering Committee, keeping the original vision of DCNP alive.  
About DCNP

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